About Scepta

As he continues on the musical path of greatness, SCEPTA (pronounced septa), is humbled by years of his experience, yet charged with sharing the knowledge he has gained. All praises due to the most high Jah Rastafari, revealed in the personality of his Majesty Emperor Hail Selassie 1st, King of Kings, Lord of Lord, and the Conquering Lion of Tribe of Judah.

He started his musical career in New York, where his parents migrated to when he was a teen. In those days he was known as Ziggy Rankin. He co-owned Culture Roots International Sound System, even got the opportunity to DJ on Jack Ruby Sound. He appeared at various venues including: Summer Reggae Culturama, Jam Fest. Performed in places like Jamaica, Grenada, and Canada. In Jamaica, Scepta was a top ten finalist in the Festival Song Competition in Jamaica, W.I. 2015, where he performed in various venues in different parishes. He toured with Soul Jahs Band, doing the college circuits in the USA. Grace the stage with artists such as , Marcia Griffiths, Judy Mowatt, Yellowman, Brigadier Jerry, Luciano just to name a few.

Scepta has collaborated with a few artists over the years such as Basil Gayle with the track, Give Thanks, on the Appealing Thoughts Album and also on the track, Mount Zion Street, featured on the Twelve Tribes Of Israel CD titled, SHINE YOUR LIGHT. Scepta and YaaA Universe for the track, Mind Control. Mykal Rose collaborated on the track, This World Remix and for the track titled, Disinformation, Little Twitch joined Scepta for the collaboration. So he has a few works under his belt in working with other artists from the super talented to iconic.

Working on various projects with Derrick Barnett and Grammy Award winning producer Lamar Reynolds, LMR Pro Production, has helped Scepta put out wonderful bodies of work which contains 1 album titled Appealing Thoughts, an EP titled Tell Yuh Bout Yaad and several singles throughout the years such as Rudeboys, Nah Sell Out, We Must Remember, Jah Rise, etc to name a few

Scepta consistently puts a few songs every year with the message never wavering from truth, rights, awareness, community and dignity.